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Get better value on your next chemical order

Are you getting prepared with Glyphosate and other summer sprays, or even thinking about catching some great early deals on pre-emergent chemicals? Then make sure you contact 4Farmers for a quote. People may not realise it doesn't matter where you live in the State,...

Stick to proven quality, not marketing hype

Don't get bamboozled by all the fandangle marketing on basic products like Glyphosate. Yes quality is important and critical to optimal control especially  a good formulation with quality surfactants. However don't get over sold on the marketing hype. 4Farmers...

Get the Best Value Seed Dressing

Why are you putting seed dressing on your cereals? If all you need is economical control of smuts then you can't go past 4Farmers Triticonazole. At rates typically used by farmers it is around half the cost of the next lowest cost alternative. As well as being...

4Front 2019 Winter – NEW

4Front 2019 Winter – NEW

Going Green with 4 Farmers – 4 Farmers product list – Strategies to beat Red Legged Earth Mite resistance – Snails an Increasing Problem – New 2,4-D Spray Drift Conditions – important to know! – Active ingredient testing variability.

Friendly mixing Flutriafol

Friendly mixing Flutriafol

4FARMERS’ improved Flutriafol 500 formulation has been proven to have good compatibility when mixed with various products in the lab. “We benchmarked 4Farmers Flutriafol against others and found it is at least as good as the next best product for compatibility,” said...

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