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Azoxystrobin 500 WG Azoxystrobin 500 WG A fungicide for the control of various diseases of... View
Azoxy Cypro (Azoxystrobin Cyproconazole) Azoxy Cypro (Azoxystrobin Cyproconazole) For the control of certain fungal diseases in Barley,... View
Carbendazim 500 SC Carbendazim 500 SC A fungicide for use in orchards and vineyards. It has... View
Chlorothalonil 720 Chlorothalonil 720 A protectant fungicide for the control of a range of... View
Epoxiconazole 125 Epoxiconazole 125 Used for the control of Leaf and Stripe rust as well as... View
Flutriafol 500 Flutriafol 500 Fungicide used mainly as a fertiliser treatment. Controls... View
Mancozeb 750 WG Mancozeb 750 WG A Fungicide for the control of certain fungus diseases of... View
Procymidone 500 Procymidone 500 For the control of fungal diseases in canola, beans,... View
Propiconazole 500 Propiconazole 500 A fungicide used in Cereals and Stone Fruit. Controls... View
Tebuconazole 430 SC Tebuconazole 430 SC A fungicide that controls many disease in cereals, and... View
Triadimefon 500 Dry Triadimefon 500 Dry A reduced dust formulation of Triadimefon, specifically... View
Triadimenol 250 Triadimenol 250 A reduced dust formulation of Triademenol, specifically... View