Seed Dressing

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Imidacloprid 600 Imidacloprid 600 For the control of certain insect pests in a range of... View
Imid-Triadimenol Imid-Triadimenol Seed pickle of cereals that protects against smuts and... View
Metalaxyl-M 350 Metalaxyl-M 350 For the control of seedling disease caused by Pythium and... View
Procymidone 500 SD Procymidone 500 SD For the control of Brown Leaf spot in Lupins. Also... View
Tebuconazole 25T Tebuconazole 25T A seed dressing that controls head smuts in cereal crops.... View
Triadimenol 150 C Flowable Triadimenol 150 C Flowable Flowable Seed dressing which controls Head Smuts in... View
Triadimenol 150+ (powder) Triadimenol 150+ (powder) A wettable powder seed dressing that controls head smuts... View
Triticonazole 200 C Triticonazole 200 C Flowable seed dressing for the control of Smuts, Bunts,... View